Hi, we are WOODIE!über-uns-logo

We are manufacturer, who has been completly dedicated to building of individual stylish bicycle fenders for fashion conscious city dwellers. Our company was founded in the bicycle City Mannheim in Germany. 2018 our company  moved to Prague in Czech Republic.

In important cycling centers of the world such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen, bike paths and cycling boardwalks have become increasingly popular. This has been imitated in many of the world’s largest cities, most notably in German cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Heidelberg. Students,bankers, brokers, business people and all kinds of people have celebrated their lifestyles on two wheels.

Individuality and Lifestyle!über-uns-johannes

In conclusion, the Bicycle continues to be a symbol of modern urban life. The reasons for someone to travel by bike are increasingly becoming more of a statement. Whether this cycling in awareness of the environment, for its unquestionable “sporty, cultural and ecological benefits,” or simply a desire to be individual. As stylish and fashion conscious city dwellers use their vehicles as status symbols, this is also becoming more and more apparent in bicycle riding. Therefore what is this all about? It is all about individuality and lifestyle!

Our WOODIEs reflect this urban Lifestyle. The Design of WOODIE fenders is very puristic – it concentrates on the essential visual aspects. WOODIE fenders are also not a mass product. Every set is made by hand, according to individual needs of our customers.

For all bikes …

WOODIE mudguards can fit any type of bicycle, whether it is a Fixie, city bicycle, hybrid, european style, cruiser, racing bicycle or a bicycle for males or females.… Convince yourself and visit our Gallery.

Configure your own WOODIEs!

Just visit our configurator and with just a few clicks, you can configure your own mudguards, and then we build it for you – choose from over 1000 design possibilities!