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What are WOODIE “Regular Fit”?

WOODIE Regular Fit – this classic type of mudguards can be fitted to almost any kind of ‘standard’ bicycle. Each set consists of a front and rear fender, and the WOODIE Regular Fit can be utilized on the bicycles like e.g.: hybrid, cruiser, city bicycle, ladies or gentleman bicycles.

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What materials are used in constructing WOODIE mudguards?

The wood used by WOODIE there are exclusively reconstructed real wood veneers from sustainable forestry. The bottom consists of a low-maintenance aluminum layer.

Is mounting hardware included?

Yes, mounting hardware is included. This consists of high quality, beautifully designed stainless steel components. The included struts and all brackets and plates are specially designed for WOODIE mudguards. The mounting screws for the brackets are chromed.

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Attachment adaptor für the rear fender:

WOODIE Regular Fit come with a (allready mounted) bracket for the front fender and  an special adaptor for the rear fender, which allows you a very easy and accurate mounting.

Fixing the WOODIE Regular Fit to my bicycle and what must I observe exactly with the configurator?

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Fenders width:


Please pay attention that the Fenders are not wider than the tire to fit under the fork. (In the cases, that the rear fender does not fit in the frame fork (ie the bottom of the bottom bracket) an extension supplied.)

(You may use the supplied extension, if needed, also for mounting the front fender, like seen here in the picture.)

Safety distance between the mudguards to mature:

alertCheck out whether the distance from the tire to brake (or frame) is big enough to attach the mudguards. This must be at least 1 cm. This is necessary to guarantee the safety clearance of the wheel guard to intervene. (The safety distance must be at least 6 mm, the thickness of the fender is approx. 3.8mm)

Which wheel sizes are available?

You may choose between 26 inch and 28 inch.

Please consider that the wheel size also depends on the thickness of your tyre. In case of doubt (e.g. big tyre) please choose 28 inch.

Which widths may I choose?

You may use these preselected widths of 30 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm, 60 mm and 65 mm.

What lengths are available?

You may choose the following lengths (approximately):

  • L (classic) front: 68 cm, rear: 118 cm
  • M (sportive) front: 64 cm. rear: 110 cm
  • S (short) front: 48 cm, rear: 84 cm


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